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Amity-- Arjo 2020 Excellent Cooperative Supplier

With the continuous in-depth reform of the medical and health system, the public has put forward higher requirements for treatment space. In this context, medical equipment and facilities are constantly developing in a more humane and green direction.


Amity has been deeply engaged in the performance upgrade and application fields of TPU materials and other series of products, and is committed to providing more professional solutions to provide convenience for the public. Inflatable medical mattress is one of the important applications of Amity TPU material, and also a key cooperation project between SIJIA and Sweden Arjo.

The inflatable medical mattress is suitable for patients who needs stay in bed for a long time. Its design is combined with the patient care system, and can play an auxiliary rehabilitation care in the treatment and nursing process. To provide patients with safe, comfortable and dignified nursing solutions.

Amity TPU material is mainly used in the main body of the inflatable medical mattress——the inflatable tube and its connecting part. The air pump is used to inflate/deflate the inflatable tube alternately. The cyclic fluctuation increases the air circulation on the contact surface and changes the user's pressure position, keep its body dry in order to prevent the breeding of bedsores, bring a safer and more comfortable nursing experience, and reduce stress injuries.

Amity TPU material end products have good air tightness, the inflatable tube is integrally formed with good air-tightness and is not easy to leak and collapse. It can be detached separately and flexibly combined, disassembled and cleaned according to actual needs, making nursing easier and more convenient.

The end product made of Amity TPU material is ergonomic, soft and comfortable. The material itself has passed FDA, EU directive 10/2011 and other international Food-grade standard, it is green and Eco-friendly. The product can reach clinical application standards, while reducing the impact of medical equipment on the environment.

After in-depth exchanges and cooperation in 2020, Amity has become Arjo excellent supplier. This is the recognition of SIJIA and the testimony of the good cooperative relationship between the two parties. In 2021, SIJIA will continue to maintain high requirements for product performance and safety, achieve the ultimate in materials, establish a more trustworthy cooperative relationship with Arjo, and jointly explore the application and development of TPU materials in the medical field, and create a sustainable future.

At present, the two parties have communicated and tested many times on the new project to improve the performance and function of medical mattresses, meet the changing needs of different patient groups, and provide targeted solutions.